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Why Own A Generator?

Generac Standby Generator
Generac Standby Generator

Residential Generator
Residential Generator
At one time or another, most of us have experienced a power outage. Whether it happened at your place of business or at your home, when the power goes out it can impact your life and your profits.

Now, if you consider the world's increasing demand for electrical power, putting even more strain on our nation's aging power grid, it would stand to reason that power outages will occur again. As such, commercial businesses as well as residential customers could greatly benefit by having a stand-by generator installed.
Commercial Customers - A power outage could cause your business costly set-backs affecting your bottom line, particularly if you have to shut down for a prolonged period of time - which is often unpredictable. A commercial Generac generator will provide you with the power requirements you need during an outage to keep your business operational.

Residential Customers - Give yourself peace of mind and keep you and your family in your home during a power outage by installing a Generac residential generator. Practical and affordable, this generator will provide you with years of comfort, and uninterrupted service until power is restored.

NEPG - an authorized retailer of Generac generators

Generac manufactures America's leading generator for both commercial and residential markets. It virtually pays for itself, after one use, if you factor in the costs associated with experiencing a power failure.

NEPG also carries other brands of generators to include: Caterpillar, Kohler and Detroit Diesel-Allison.

Caterpillar Generators Kohler Generators Detroit Diesel-Allison Generators Generac Generators

Features/Benefits of Generac Stand-by Generators
  • Cost-efficient due to innovative new design
  • Affordable and easily maintained for both commercial and home use
  • Produces higher quality of electricity than portable generators
  • Provides near-silent operation (noise reduction up to 50%)
  • Reduced exhaust emissions (fueled by Natural gas or LP)
  • Small, compact size makes it easily accommodated in most homes and businesses
Be Proactive.
Most people - or commercial businesses - wait until it's too late to realize they could have prevented a lot of issues if only they had installed a stand-by generator. Move to action and call NEPG today at 781.933.9000, to get more information about Generac or other leading generators for your home or commercial property. We also provide service and maintenance programs.
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